Hansa NFC

Hansa NFC

Hansa NFC

As one of Germany´s most modern production facilities, we specialise in blending and marketing of high performance feed fat formulations for the feed compound industry.

Our wide array of products consists of functional feed fats, vegetable oils, dry fats and oilseed extraction meals for animal nutrition.

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Highest quality blended feed fats

supplied to the animal feed sector

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Hansa nfc NOWITOL


Our brand NOWITOL reflects many years of experience in sourcing the best vegetable oil based raw ingredients and the professional formulation of our finished products.

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By maintaining a good partnership with our long term suppliers we can reliably procure the best quality raw ingredients to achieve the highest quality and product safety.

Hansa nfc diverse product range

A diverse product range

Our NOWITOL products exemplify a diverse product range with individual composition developed to match our customers’ needs.