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UM Marketing owns and operates subsidiaries in multiple countries across the world supplying a range of innovative molasses-based liquid solutions to the Feed, Fermentation and Industrial sectors.

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Molasses is used in animal feed diets extensively worldwide

Its natural binding and palatability properties, along with its high energy and nutritional value, make it an ideal feed ingredient.

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Compound Feed

Molasses is used extensively worldwide, as a feed ingredient in the manufacture of compound feeds (pellets, meal and chaff) and mineral blocks, due to its excellent pellet binding qualities, palatability (taste and aroma) and high energy value characteristics.

The natural properties of the gums in cane molasses enhance the binding of feed ingredients within a compound diet and help reduce dust levels, leading to a better quality finish of the feed.

Um molasses liquid coatings

UM’s Molasses marketing businesses also manufacture and market a range of high energy molasses based liquid coatings.

In addition, we manufacture a range of carbohydrate-based liquid coatings for use on both extruded and coarse pet foods.

All of our coatings are made to unique formulas designed to produce a finished feed that retains a moist, shiny appearance with enhanced aroma and taste.

Um molasses feeding on farm

Feeding on a farm

Molasses also has wide spread use on farms as a complementary feed material, due to its excellent palatability and nutritional characteristics, helping improve intakes and reduce ration sorting, which supports more efficient milk and meat production. This by-product of the sugar industry provides an easily digestible source of energy and nutrition for a wide variety of livestock. Molasses can also be used as an effective energy supplement and de-duster on hay and straw. A range of high performance molasses blends are available with increased levels of protein and reduced viscosity characteristics for ease of handling.