UM Trading

As a business United Molasses has over 100 years experience of shipping molasses. Leveraging in-house and leased storage tanks around the globe UM can ensure continuous shipments of molasses to all customers and UM marketing businesses.

UM charter between 100-120 vessels per annum. The ships are employed either on Voyage or Time Charter. Vessel sizes vary from ~2,500mtns dwt up to Medium Range size Tankers of 50,000 + dwt. All vessels must be capable of heating cargo up to 40 Deg C or more and loading/discharging at rates expected by suppliers and receivers. Full 24/7 support is provided by the shipping team which has significant practical technical expertise.    Sourcing competitive freight remains a continuous challenge to the business. Aside from competing with alternative cargoes, regional shifts affect vessel supply globally. 

Trade lanes are constantly evolving to reflect changing/developing economies, predominantly the shift of refining capacity, as well as arbitrage opportunities which arise in the short term. Furthermore, tighter environmental and technical regulation, particularly within Europe, has had an adverse impact on owners’ operating costs.   In general larger shipment sizes result in lower freight costs, however physical dimensions at load or discharge port as well as local tank capacity will limit economies of scale