Social Responsibility

Umgroup corporate responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The United Molasses Group recognises its corporate and social responsibilities to its shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees, and is committed to conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth whilst fulfilling legal and moral obligations.

Our aims:

United Molasses considers carefully the impact that our operations have environmentally, socially and economically. Our raw materials, which are valuable natural by-products, are sourced globally and transported in bulk to our own businesses and third party customers.

As a supplier of molasses and related liquid products, we are committed to the responsible sourcing of products to the highest standards and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries where we operate.

United Molasses is dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure that our products consistently meet the needs of our customers and comply with all legal requirements.

As part of this commitment, we maintain a number of internationally-recognised certifications, which demonstrate the quality and safety of the products that we supply.

As well as the safety aspect of our products, we are also committed to growing the quantity of the sustainable and organic products that we supply. We are always looking at ways to minimise the carbon footprint.

The effective implementation and regular review of this policy ultimately rests with the Chief Executive Officer, but it is the individual responsibility of each and every employee, within their appointed area of activity, to ensure that this policy is effectively maintained and developed.

What we do to achieve our aims:

Continually reviewing and considering for all our global operations the impact we have on people, the environment and society. Our objectives and business strategy with regard to the environment, ethical conduct and sustainability are driven by our aim to achieve the highest standards throughout our supply chains.

Taking a transparent approach to our CSR and sustainability responsibilities and will continue to actively contribute to enhance the environment, diversity, health and social wellbeing of everyone in the communities within our areas of operation. Assisting, as a partner, our customers and suppliers, in achieving their CSR objectives.

Being proactive in pursuing solutions and improvements within our CSR with regard to human rights, deforestation, the preservation of raw materials, energy and human health. In conjunction with our business partners, encourage good employment and labour standards throughout our supply chain, reduce our own carbon footprint and its impact on climate change.

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and after any major change in operations. This and all other relevant corporate social responsibility information and documentation is communicated throughout the United Molasses Group and held on SharePoint.

Ben Macer
Chief Executive, United Molasses Group