global sourcing & freighting

UM Trading trading

Headquartered in the City of London, the Trading Desk is responsible for co-ordinating the
Global procurement and sales of cane molasses, beet molasses, CMS and other co-liquid

United Molasses Trading

UM Trading has strong local and strategic partnerships globally supplying UM Marketing Businesses and 3rd party customers. Combining in-depth knowledge of the world market and long term experience United Molasses Trading continues to demonstrate leadership in the global molasses market.

UM Trading has its own in-house Chartering and Logistics department.Working in partnership with our UM Marketing Businesses and 3rd Party customers we are able provide full service logistics support and coordination of worldwide bulk liquid movements and storage.

Cane Molasses

A by-product of raw sugar manufacture from sugar cane. The largest exporters of cane
molasses are India, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia and Australia. The market for exports
has historically fluctuated between 4 – 6 million metric tonnes annually. The primary
usage of cane molasses is for animal feed and as a fermentation and ethanol feedstock.

Beet Molasses

A by-product of sugar manufacture from sugar beet. The largest producers of sugar beet are
the EU, USA and China. The primary usage of beet molasses is for animal feed and as a
fermentation and ethanol feedstock.


A by-product produced after fermentation of cane and beet molasses. Primary
usage of CMS is for animal feed and fertilizer.

Other Liquids

Please contact the Trading desk for further information.