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UM Trading storage

UM Storage operates bulk liquid storage facilities for foodstuffs, feed grade and industrial products both in the UK (Merseyside, Hull, Dagenham & Portbury) and Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany). We are regarded by the industry as an innovator and a trusted trading partner that actively seeks to develop new business opportunities with clients through investment, innovation and co-operation.

The business
The company has evolved from United Molasses an historic trading and shipping business and is committed to the provision of high quality bulk liquid storage for a variety of sectors from petroleum products and chemicals through to vegetable oils and fats.  Products can be received or delivered to both ship and road and services such as product filtration, mixing, water addition and nitrogen blanketing can be provided.  Our clients can also make use of our in-house laboratory to ensure that products meet their analytical specifications.

We provide clients with cost effective bulk liquid storage and processing solutions and we have a number of stainless steel, glass flake or rubber lined tanks for those specialist products requiring additional levels of protection.  The business is supported by our own in-house technical team comprising of plant design, engineering and maintenance expertise.  By utilising custom built plant and equipment a bespoke service for processing products can be provided from the removal of moisture to the acidulation of soapstock from the edible oils and fats industry into the component parts utilising our acid oil refining facility at Birkenhead.

As required in the UK we can provide HMRC bonded tanks at our installations which are strategically located at deep water ports.  In total the company markets 400,000 cubic metres in the UK and 133,000 cubic metres in Europe.

Commitment to Quality
Our commitment to quality and applicable assurance schemes is a key driver within the business and provides our clients with the confidence that their products are being stored, handled and processed to the highest standards.  The evolving requirements of our markets place considerable importance on all aspects of product quality and service.  In addition to every terminal’s accreditation to ISO 9001 we are certified at various locations to a number of industry assurance schemes including UFAS, FEMAS, GMP+, BRC, CDI-T, QS and OVOCOM.  Additionally depending on the products stored we conform to the requirements of Environmental Permits and COMAH.

“As such we are committed to meeting all applicable national and international legislation and standards wherever we operate and to continually improve the quality of the service that we provide”.