meeting feed fat requirements

UM Trading alf

UM Advanced Liquid Feeds Ltd is the UK market leader in blended feed fats, supplying the highest quality products to the animal feed sector

Local and global industry knowledge
Our long established trading links and product expertise ensure we can
react to any change in customer and legislative requirements within the
volatile fluctuations of the global vegetable oil markets.

Working to the highest quality standards
To ensure the quality and safety of all our feed materials we work to the
highest standards of quality control and legislative compliance within the oils
and fats industry. All our feed fat blends are manufactured exclusively at our Liverpool
terminal, with all blending and in house testing systems certified to the
FEMAS standard. All raw materials sourced are subject to a positive release
testing policy prior to discharge and subsequent inclusion into our feed fat

Meeting our customer’s requirements
Dedicated to serving the needs of our customers, UM Advanced Liquid Feeds
continue to offer the complete package of liquid solutions to feed
manufacturers in all aspects of their feed fat requirements.