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The UM Group Ltd is the parent company of a group of businesses focused on the global trading and marketing of Molasses and related products and the storage of Bulk Liquids.

Founded in 1911 and first registered in 1926 as United Molasses, the UM Group has successfully grown in multiple business sectors through the building of effective long term working partnerships at both local and global levels throughout the world.

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Year: 1907

Michael Kroyer-Keilberg (founder of United Molasses) joins cattle feed importers, Marquis Clayton, Liverpool

Year: 1910

Marquis, Clayton enters into the Liquid Bulk business

Year: 1911

First Bulk Molasses tank constructed at Victoria Dock, Hull, capacity 3,000 tonnes

Year: 1912

First Bulk shipment of Molasses imported to Hull on a sailing barque, Sunlight – discharged 1,800 tonnes

Year: 1915

British Molasses Company (BMC) incorporated, shareholders Clayton, Keilberg & Sugar Products

Year: 1917

Clayton & Keilberg buy out Sugar Co from BMC

Year: 1919

Clayton resigns and Keilberg purchases all shares in BMC.  BMC merged with J R Scott’s Molasses Merchants Company

Year: 1921

Pure Cane Molasses was formed to handle all molasses trading.  BMC responsible for shipping, purchasing their first vessel, the Manx Isles, marking the formation of the Athel Line

Year: 1924

Pure Cane Molasses (Java) formed

Year: 1926

United Molasses Ltd incorporated - holding company for British Molasses Company and Pure Cane Molasses

Year: 1929

Pacific Molasses incorporated in San Francisco

Year: 1936

Keilberg acquired Macfies of Liverpool – later sold to Tate & Lyle

Year: 1937

United Molasses takes a 25% stake in Caroni Ltd Trinidad and West Indies Sugar Company Jamaica

Year: 1940

Outbreak of war, United Molasses sells all molasses inventory to the Ministry of Supply

Year: 1949

Purchase of Anchor Line

Year: 1953

Keilberg retires

Year: 1964

Net profits at a 15 year low and UM a takeover target.  Tate & Lyle acquires United Molasses for £30M

Year: 1970

Hansa Melasse Germany and Societe Europeenne des Melasses (SEM) France established

Year: 2002

Divestment of PM Ag (Pacific Molasses)

Year: 2010

Tate & Lyle sell their molasses and liquid storage operations to W&R Barnett and the UM Group is incorporated

Year: 2013

The UM Group acquire the assets and goodwill of Advanced Liquid Feeds LLP