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The UM Group comprises of four operating units: United Molasses Trading Limited, United Molasses Marketing Limited, UM Storage Ltd and UM Advanced Liquid Feeds Ltd.

The UM Group Ltd is the parent company of a group of businesses focused on the global trading and marketing of molasses, vegetable oils and related products and the storage of bulk liquids.

Founded in 1911, and first registered in 1926 as United Molasses, the UM Group has successfully grown in multiple business sectors through the building of effective long-term working partnerships at both local and global levels throughout the world.

United Molasses Trading Ltd is responsible for the procurement of raw ingredients for sale to in-house and third party customers. The trading desk is based in our London office and is also responsible for the effective management of the company’s freight requirements. UM Trading is a leading player in the international trading of molasses and related co-products in Europe, Asia and the Americas for use in the animal feed, fermentation and industrial sectors.

United Molasses Marketing Ltd is the operating company for our wholly owned and joint venture companies responsible for local sales and distribution activities in Europe and Asia. We are the leading marketer and distributor of molasses and related liquids in Europe and Asia, operating in over 12 countries. We focus on meeting our customer needs with a range of innovative molasses based liquid solutions and by providing the highest level of customer and technical support.

UM Storage Ltd owns and manages all our storage assets in Great Britain. It is a prominent independent supplier of bulk liquid storage facilities to the food, industrial, feed and energy sectors in the UK with over 400,000 cubic meters of storage assets located in Liverpool, Hull, Dagenham and Portbury.

UM Advanced Liquid Feeds Ltd is the UK market leader in blended feed fats, supplying the highest quality products to the animal feed sector.

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